32Gi – your portal to sports nutrition information

32Gi – your portal to sports nutrition information

On the first episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, hosts David “Mr. Active” Katz and 32Gi Director and nutritional expert Mark Wolff; introduce the podcast. Hear not only how 32Gi got started, but also how Mark became a nutritional guru, and what you can look forward to from the podcasts.



You are listening to the 32Gi sports nutrition podcast. I’m David Katz joined by Mark Wolff a director at 32Gi and a nutritional expert. Mark first of all for people who haven’t heard of the brand what is 32Gi about. How long have you been on the market and what was the thought process behind starting the company?

MW: It’s a very interesting question Dave. 32Gi firstly we’re a sports nutrition company and we do manufacture and sell sports nutrition supplements. How did we come into the market? We actually launched into the market around end of 2009 this is when we started product development.

What we noticed in the industry is that there is a lack of understanding of what is required or what is needed during a sporting event. In one of the previous podcasts we actually discussed it, that there are various types of athletes.

You get your high performing athletes, you get your social athletes, your weekend warriors and you get people who just want to get to the finish line not necessarily stand on a podium.

How 32Gi came into being

Me being an endurance athlete myself I was looking at the sector. I was actually on a training ride the one day and thought to myself, you know why is it that we go on a three hour training ride and the guys are eating before the training ride.

They are stopping at a cafè along the training ride and they filling up with more sugar, more sweets. Then they finished the training ride and they consuming even more product.

I was thinking to myself it’s definitely not the proper way to be fuelling yourself especially on a very social ride. What actually happened is we took a closer look of this. We thought there must be a healthier way for people to fuel their systems, especially during training and racing as there are different requirements.

Finding the best carbohydrate for our products

We were introduced to a carbohydrate, called isomaltulose in 2009. We ran some testing on it, and the difference between this carbohydrate and other carbs is it’s got a very prolonged and steady release where some carbohydrates do spike your blood sugar, some don’t spike at all.

In actual fact they just drop and this one provided a very nice and steady rise in blood sugar over a longer period of time. When we ran our testing on professional athletes and amateur athletes absolutely loved that feeling of stability.

What we did is we actually started developing our initial range around this carbohydrate which was our endure sports drink. When we launched it into the market we actually educated people that; you know if you going on a training ride as opposed to racing you don’t actually need a severe blood sugar spike.

In actual fact you can get away with something a lot lower and you’ll have a much better feeling of stability because you not really performing at a very high intensity.

The benefits of both stabilising & quick release carbohydrates

The product was very well received. We didn’t have to really push the marketing we actually just told people; “Try the product test it out, and see how it works.” The feedback was unanimous and it wasn’t just amateur athletes or social athletes that absolutely love the product and felt that sense of stability.

We’ve got a lot of professional athletes that even use this product for racing and they like that feeling of stability as well. So we realised it was far more suited to endurance sport and we developed a variety of products around that range.

We obviously also cater for the high performing athletes with quicker releasing carbohydrates. Over the years we’ve been become a trusted brand. People trust us we’re a very clean brand; we are European food safety authority compliant.

We’ve got no nonsense in our products whatsoever and we pride ourselves in that we don’t use artificial colours, we don’t use any artificial sweeteners in any of our products.

Why your health is so important to 32Gi

Our entire range is actually vegan it’s free of animal derivatives so we keep the range very clean and we have got a big focus on health and our consumer’s health is very important to us.

One of the things that we do, is we educate our consumers obviously in the nutrition environment as to better nutrition options, fuelling strategies to assist them; even how they eat from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep at night.

Obviously we advocate natural nutrition over and above supplementation and we advocate supplementation when it is required. Which is generally during sporting events and a supplement is a convenience food. We are actually looking at broadening our range in the health sector because we do feel that this is a very important space to play in.

DK: Now Mark on a personal level nutrition is very close to your heart why is that so?

MW: I think first of all you know being an endurance athlete that you realise that you put your body under a lot of physical stress. I myself I haven’t been an endurance athlete my entire life. I actually come from a bit of a body building power lifting background and then into mountain biking and road cycling and then into triathlon.

Why good nutrition is so important

And I think in my early twenties I fell quite ill, actually for not putting enough focus on nutrition and actually stressing the body out significantly. It was a big wakeup call for me. Rather a big wakeup call while I was young as opposed to being a lot older.

You don’t want trouble come knocking at your door when you are older because sometimes it’s too late to make that change. So already in my twenties I already started shifting my focus into the nutrition space, I studied nutrition.

Even though I’ve got an Engineering qualification behind that as well and then I landed up actually moving into the business sector. You know combining numbers from the Engineering background to nutrition knowledge and a little bit of business. I started to do consulting in a nutrition space. It took a long time actually before we launched the company in a nutrition space.

Over the years I secured a lot of knowledge over a long period of time around endurance sport and also around health and fitness and wellness. Nutrition became one of the biggest focuses in my life and personally I believe it’s the number one discipline for any active person.

DK: Of course very important but also very broad it’s a very broad aspect when you look at nutrition can be very confusing for people they don’t know. So looking at these 32Gi Sports Nutrition Podcasts what are people going to get out of them?

MW: Well I think the podcasts are quite critical because like I mentioned earlier our focus is on education and awareness and we want the consumers to have as much knowledge as possible. Because knowledge is power and the more you know about yourself the better informed you’d be to make better decisions.

What makes 32Gi different

When it comes to nutrition yes it’s a very broad focus. One of the things that we do very well is we are able to blend nutrition with endurance exercise or with sport. That’s one of the things that is lacking in the sector.

People are focusing on a lot of training and racing and they tend to neglect nutrition. Or people are focused on nutrition and they tend to neglect the training.

So what we do is we actually trying to get people to understand that there’s two puzzle pieces that are fitting together here. The one is on the nutrition side and the other on the sports side and the two, need to be blended quite nicely. That’s what we hope to do.

I’ll be talking in a number of the podcasts but I think even more importantly is that we are going to introduce a lot of our professional athletes and even amateur athletes that have got a big focus on nutrition.

You’ll see why nutrition is so important. They will be able to give tips and advice from their perspective when they’re gearing up for an ultra-distance event. Whether it’s a triathlon or whether it’s an ultra-marathon or whether it’s a stage cycling race or an open water swim; whatever it is we’re going to bring in some experts. Who are really, really top in their field as far as endurance sports goes. They’ll be able to share their knowledge with you and we hope to pass this knowledge onto the listeners as much knowledge as possible.

DK: Talking about as much knowledge as possible, people out there who want to know more if they have specific questions how would they be able to reach you?

MW: We’ve actually setup a coach interface on the 32Gi website which is www.32Gi.com. All you’ve got to do is go and click on coach and you can submit questions to the coach. They will go to the relevant people who will be able to respond.

If there’s a specific podcast that you want to hear we and we feel it’s beneficial then yes, we’ll take that into account as well. But the 32Gi coach would be able to assist with all questions around nutrition.

DK: Well Mark that’s fantastic. Looking forward to going through this process with you and sharing some fantastic information over these series of podcasts on nutrition. Because even if you think you’re an expert, it is something you can keep on learning about. So thanks for joining us on this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition. From myself David Katz, Mr. Active and Mark Wolff, we will catch up with you next time.