Protein (100% Plant-Based) 480g

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Product Description

Made from carefully selected, premium, plant-based ingredients you’d choose yourself if you had the time, 32Gi Protein has everything you want (and nothing you don’t)—all in two delicious scoops.

Our plant-based protein powder serves up 22g-24g of vegan protein per serving. Fuel your body with clean nutrition with a complete amino acid profile.

Our Protein Facts

- FORMULATED with the cleanest, purest Pea and Rice Protein.

- It’s really 100% Plant-Based.

- It’s completely Vegan-Friendly.

- It contains a full Amino Acid profile.

- Rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

- It contains Steviol.

- It’s Kosher & Halaal.

- It comes in 3 delicious flavours, Vanilla, Chocolate and Mocha.

- Chocolate and Mocha made with Real Cocoa.

- Mocha Contains real Coffee

- It’s Child-Friendly.

- No artificial sweeteners.

- Compliant with WADA standards.

Directions For Use

Mix 2 flat-Scoops (30g) with 250ml - 300 ml water or milk.

Formulated with a clinical proven immune boosting ingredient WELLMUNE®.

WELLMUNE® has a clinically proven ability to help athletes stay healthy, so they can train more effectively. This unique immune-supporting ingredient triggers human immune defences, that have evolved over thousands of years to protect the body.

How exactly does WELLMUNE® work?

Watch this video…

For More info on WELLMUNE® visit

Chocolate Amino Acid Profile

Mocha Amino Acid Profile

Vanilla Amino Acid Profile

Chocolate Nutritional Info

Mocha Nutritional Info

Vanilla Nutritional Info

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