32Gi Protein - Launching TOMORROW!!!


Buddy unless you’ve been living under a rock…

...today we reveal our Secret Ingredient and you can google the hell out of it!

It’s awesome!

We have been working hard to Formulate the most potent Protein you will ever find on the market.

Yes, we are serious.


There is absolutely nothing like it in South Africa.

We have sourced all the ingredients from the best place’s humankind can reach.

AND It’s almost here… OUR Super-Potent Protein just for you…

The ONE thing we love doing is to make the absolute best products athletes need.

So (in true 32Gi fashion) tomorrow, we've decided to do something crazy. Something we've NEVER done before…

...you want a ProteinRecovery, and an Immune-boosting shake so good you will have the top bragging rights well before Christmas?

It’s almost here!

But first…

We want to remind you why our Protein is so potent, a level above the rest.

Introducing the ultimate HERO INGREDIENT WELLMUNE®

Help "insure" your Health in 2020.

So, WELLMUNE® has a clinically proven ability to help athletes stay healthy, so they can train more effectively.

This unique immune-supporting ingredient triggers human immune defences…

...that have evolved over thousands of years to protect the body,

BUT how exactly does WELLMUNE® work?

Watch this video

We hope you learnt a lot about WELLMUNE® so far…

...because that’s not the only SPECIAL thing about our Protein.

There’s more to know about 32Gi’s 100% Plant-Based Protein!

·       It’s FORMULATED with the cleanest, purest Pea & Rice Protein Isolates

·       It’s really 100% Plant-Based

·       It contains a Full Amino Acid Profile

·       Rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids

·       It contains next to no Carbohydrates

·       It contains no Sugar

·       It’s completely Vegan-friendly

·       It’s Kosher & Halaal

·       It comes in 3 delicious flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla & Mocha

·       Chocolate & Mocha made with real cocoa

·       It’s child-friendly

Whatever it is...we’ve got you covered with an absolutely insane PROTEIN!

For this upcoming weekend (long for some) only, you’ll have access to purchase it before we send it to stores at full price!

So, keep your eyes peeled for an email from us announcing when this event starts. 

Mark Wolff's come under a little flak over the timing of our launch, we can assure you it is both regrettably but also positively a coincidence...

...watch this.

Make sure you don't miss this one…

...we’ll be going crazy.

Much more very soon!

Mark & Team 32Gi

P.S. If you have questions, we have answers. From the importance of your immunity to more about Wellmune® and its safety and research, we have the information consumers need to understand more about the benefits of Wellmune® Click here for FAQ’S for consumers