A nutrition journey worth being part of!

A nutrition journey worth being part of!

There is a reason why Mark Wolff is known as the Fitness Freak! A very important element (in fact the most important!) to his fitness regime, is nutrition. Mark has become extremely active in blogging his experiences, to help guide and educate everyone on good nutrition. There are some great benefits as well to joining his & 32Gi’s newsletters.




You’re listening to 32Gi Sports Nutrition with Mark Wolff and myself, Mr Active, David Katz. We did a fantastic little two part video series on the history of 32Gi, and Mark Wolff’s journey, which was very important. If you know Mark, if you don’t know Mark, he has been blogging and talking about nutrition for years and years, he keeps at it, and it is something that’s very close to his heart.

Mark, you’re at it again, and it’s become sort of, you’re doing a lot, of course, in relation to what you do personally, but also it always is related to a company you’re a part of, which is 32Gi.

Mark Wolff: Yes, I think a couple of months ago we just took a look at our company and we just said that we need a better vision to communicate with our consumers. One of the things that we’re very good at doing is we’re pretty good at advocating health and wellness and fitness. Trying to get people off the couch and to lead better, fitter, stronger, healthier lives, that’s really our focus.

We’ve embarked on a vision and my personal mission in actual fact, is we want to try and change 100 000 lives. We want to try and get at least 1 000 people improving their own lives. That all boils down to education, at least I feel it boils down to education. Because very often when I engage with people, they’re not sure where to start or what to do or how to get into a routine.

The real benefit to proper nutrition

I’m not saying you have to pick up a bike and go and ride or go and run, even walking is a form of exercise. But it’s just making small, little changes to your life in order to be able to improve your life. Because at the moment, globally, we are seeing a real massive climb in, you could call it environmental type diseases and illness. Where we actually have got the ability to reduce the risks, and actually mitigate certain illnesses from affecting us and not just illness, even injury.

What I’ve decided to do is launch a newsletter, through my blog, which is on the wolffmark.wordpress.com site. In actual fact, we call it The Fitness Freak. I’ve had a Fitness Freak page on Facebook for a while, where we’ve got a lot of people that have joined me.

I get questions all the time, but a lot of people ask me what I do and how I do it. I’ve had my own journey from broken health, you could call it, to fitness and wellness. So I think that going through this personally has allowed me to share my experiences and obviously my knowledge with many, many people and that’s exactly what I aim to do.

I will be writing educational blogs, like I always have done, a little bit more regularly. But what I’ve decided to do now is to actually instil a blog which gives people insight into, not just my life, but to anybody that I deal with or engage with and it’ll be a sort of, a ‘days of our lives’ blog, where people can actually tap in and actually say: Okay wow, that’s a good idea. I want to do that or that’s excellent, let me try that. It will just allow us to educate people so much more frequently and on a regular basis in order to be able to help people make those healthy choices.

Learn something new every day

DK: Mark, in general, days of our lives, will this be days of your lives, will it be something that could grow where it would have other people contributing? I know you have a few athletes, maybe the likes of a Jenna Challenor, I think a lot of people would find interesting what she does on a daily basis.

MW: I think without a doubt, Jenna actually has got a blog for people that don’t know, so she does definitely write once in a while. But I definitely will bring in other athletes into it and we’ll bring in extra, industry extras, brand extras, you name it, to be able to even just give their opinions.

The nice thing about this is once you subscribe, you’ll get an email or a newsletter and over and above that, the guys at 32Gi are going to be very good in also providing hampers and rewards and special deals occasionally. I think it would definitely make it worthwhile just to subscribe even for that.

But I think from a knowledge point of view, I think there’s a lot to learn and a lot to gain. Because you know, when you see somebody or when you see a group of people actually practicing what they preach, but understanding how they go about doing it; what they think about when it comes to nutrition, when it comes to sleep, when it comes to exercise, to training, to injury, rehabilitation, you name it.

There are so many people out there that I deal with on a weekly basis that have so many issues, and this is just going to open up an incredible encyclopaedia of wealth, of information that anybody can utilise for themselves.

DK: Mark, will it be just about, like you said, education is important, yes it is that information, but at the same time there is going to be other value added out of that process won’t there?

MW: I think more importantly it’s going to be entertaining because you know, who wants to just focus on health and wellness? People want to enjoy their lives, so I think there’s going to be quite an entertainment aspect to it as well and through that we’re obviously going to be doing education.

So, I think it’s more of a story than anything else and we just hope people latch on and realise that my journey can be their journey. Anybody out there who is a professional athlete or who is living the same journey, it can be their journey as well. The thing is, it’s a matter of just sharing, I suppose, our lives as people in order to be able to help people understand how they can improve theirs.

EVERYONE can benefit

DK: Mark, looking at that as well, this applies to anyone, whether you’re an experienced athlete, whether you’re a novice and you sort of want to get into sport and you want to eat right around that. Whether you’re in your early teens or late 70’s, this really is something anyone can benefit from isn’t it?

MW: You’re never too young and never too old to start making changes, lifestyle changes, that’s for sure. We mentioned earlier, lifestyle diseases can hit people in their 20’s, like it did to me, or it can hit people later on in life and it’s something that I think can be completely prevented if the proper steps are taken.

I’ve been through, you can say to hell and back, from a health point of view and I would hate anybody to fall into the same pitfalls that I’ve fallen into. I’m sure that many people out there who have actually fallen into these same pitfalls and are battling some of these illnesses or injuries, over time, sometimes for a lengthy time.

I can name a few already that have been fighting even for their lives over periods of time, but it’s amazing how these people come out and they just won’t give up and they actually, on a daily basis they fight for making that particular change.

I think that most of these things can be prevented and they’re prevented with taking the right steps. I always tell people, you can never outrun, it’s impossible to outrun bad habits. These bad choices and bad lifestyle choices, it’s impossible to outrun them. Eventually, and hopefully younger not older, but trouble will come knocking at your door and if it does.

It’s not necessarily a tap-tap-tap on the door, it can kick the door down and really give you a fright. Rather take the steps now, be proactive in actually determining your own journey of wellness and longevity and health and tap into our database because you stand to learn a lot.

DK: Mark, what are the best ways to get involved and get into that process?

MW: As far as subscribing goes, people can subscribe on our 32Gi website, or they can go to my WordPress site, which is wolffmark.wordpress.com and they can just attach themselves to, they can join the blog over there, they can subscribe.

Once they’ve subscribed they’ll start receiving emails which hopefully will be informative and educational. There’s obviously introductions first, people need to know who I am, as well, so there’s a nice little story to tell, then after that it will be a daily thing where I’ll be burning my fingertips to try and put as much information as possible.

DK: You can of course also follow Mark on The Fitness Freak Facebook page, he’s also on Twitter and on Instagram, amongst others. Mark, thank you very much for your time, I think it sounds very exciting, something people won’t want to miss. From us today, like refined foods and sugar through the hourglass, so the days of our lives, so do get onto that blog. Thanks very much for joining us.

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