BOOM - High-Performance Pre-Workout
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One of the BOOM ingredients Beta-Alanine which is used as a buffering compound to aid fatigue reductions and increases in power can trigger paraesthesia.
Paraesthesia is a harmless prickling/tingling sensation of the skin which can be felt after consumption for a short period of time. There is no need to be concerned about a hazardous reaction, this is absolutely normal. 

BOOM is the latest in high-performance endurance pre-workouts.

Its explosive formula delivers nutrients to enhance mental focus & vasodilation, as well as improved buffering to reduce fatigue assisting active people in pushing harder for longer.  

“Sports nutrition plays a vital role in sports performance,” says Mark Wolff leading sports nutritionist and co-founder of 32Gi®

32Gi® BOOM is scientifically designed to help you push harder, to achieve greater and more progressive training adaptations. 32Gi® BOOM includes a unique blend of proven  ingredients to enhance exercise performance.” 

“Tried and tested across a wide range of elite athletes and weekend warriors over the past six months, BOOM has truly shown to be a powerhouse pre-workout which lives up to its name,” says Mark. 

32Gi® launches BOOM exclusively on the Dis-Chem stand at the at the 947 Ride Joburg EXPO – starting Thursday 18 November, and it will be rolling out to Dis-Chem stores nationally as part of their Black Friday offerings (22 – 28 November) next week. 


32Gi® BOOM’s power formulation consists of: 

Patented Caffeine Blend Including ZumXR, for immediate, stable, and prolonged mental energy and focus.

Beetroot Extract – Naturally Enhanced Vasodilation for improved circulation and better oxygen delivery.  

Citrulline Malate – Improved arginine concentration for improved blood flow and top-end power. 

Beta-Alanine – Increased buffering capacity to support prolonged hard power and pace efforts.


BOOM Attributes.

- Zero Sugar 

- Natural Flavour (Mixed Berry) 

- Natural Colour 

- Vegan Friendly 

- Dairy, Soy and Gluten-Free 

- Preservative Free