32Gi Hydrate – why you have to try it

32Gi Hydrate – why you have to try it

Have you tried the latest addition to the 32Gi family? Hydrate is a fantastically versatile product that works for everyone, including kids. With zero calories it’s a great option for the weight conscious as well. In this podcast, Mark Wolff tells you more about this wonder product.




David Katz: One of the most fantastic new products in the 32Gi range, and there are many, is the Hydrate, 32Gi Hydrate Tabs. Personally, it’s one I’ve grown to love very quickly, and I’ve seen it sell out in stores as well, because it’s become so popular. Mark Wolff joining me, one of the Founders of 32Gi, and of course a renowned sports nutrition expert. Mark, Hydrate, just briefly, what was the concept behind it? You’ve got the Endure, you’ve got Recovery, you’ve got a fantastic range; where did you see Hydrate fit in, and why did 32Gi bring it into the market?

Mark Wolff: I think there’s a very big demand for zero carb drinks these days, specifically because people are looking for a healthy way in order to be able to train. It gives people an option that if they don’t want to overload on sugars and carbohydrate drinks, then the Hydrate is an absolutely perfect replacement for that. Obviously it’s got zero calories in, but one of the other advantages is that it actually helps with fluid absorption. It’s designed in such a way, with correct minerals and in order to be able to pull the fluid into the system.

A product worth putting through its paces

DK: Mark, you guys don’t take bringing something into the market lightly, you do a lot of research, you then trial that product and see. Naturally it goes without saying that that process was welcomed and there was a gap where people really wanted this.

MW: Firstly I need to stress, this product took over two years for us to develop, not because it’s a very complicated product, but we had to do a lot of testing with athletes and not just locally in South Africa, but across the globe. We wanted a very high percentage of approval before we decided to launch the product. There’s a big debate as to how much sodium is required in a product. There’s various products out there that state very different amounts, and we just decided to come up with a product that had a very nice amount of sodium in it.

That the taste profile was absolutely excellent. We also vitamin fortified it, because when you do do fasted training, what you do find is that the immune system can take a little bit of a hammering, and we wanted to try and keep the immunity up as much as possible.

DK: Mark, looking at the product itself, what are the key elements that people can get out of it, what are the benefits?

How best to utilise Hydrate

MW: I think the main benefit is it’s a very, very clean product. It’s zero carbohydrates, so there’s no calories in there, absolutely brilliant for training and keeping you hydrated, for sure. It maximises fluid absorption, it helps replenish lost minerals during exercise.

It can reduce the risk of cramping as well. We’ve added some magnesium into the product in order to be able to help mitigate that risk of cramping during exercise. It’s completely naturally flavoured, it’s vegan suitable and it comes in two flavours which is lime and raspberry.

One of the reasons why we developed these particular flavours is that if somebody wants to use one of the 32Gi carbohydrate products, but they wanted to increase the amount of minerals in the carbohydrate drink, they are able to add one of the tablets to an existing carbohydrate drink.

It doesn’t impact the taste profile significantly of the carbohydrate drink. It enables you to increase the mineral content of the carb drink by dropping a tablet into that carb drink as well, if you wanted the carbohydrates.

DK: What I love about it as well is a lot of people just do not like water, they take water because they have to and they know they need to hydrate, but they hate the taste of water. This is the perfect product for them.

For the love of something a little bit extra

MW:  I agree with you. A lot of people require something flavoured when they train or even when they don’t train, during the day. I think it’s because many people out there have trained the brain to crave some sort of sweetness. These aren’t overly sweet, they’re quite nicely toned down, but in a way it’s like a mild fruit water, if you want to call it something like that.

Its really got a good taste profile and it doesn’t make you thirsty when you’re going for hours and hours like some of the excessively sweet drinks do. I’ve tested it on four to five hour sessions and I must say, it’s something that I utilise consistently when I’m training.

DK: Mark, looking at the ideal time to take Hydrate, I know you mentioned people could top up if they’re using Endure, but when would you say is the best time for people to utilise Hydrate?

MW: Look, I think Hydrate should be utilised during exercise, specifically as well in hot weather conditions. Hydrate will be absolutely brilliant for helping maximise fluid absorption and replacing lost minerals. So definitely climate-wise.

But it can be utilised even just as a drink during the day, if you want to stay hydrated and you’re feeling dehydrated. It’s an effervescent tablet, as opposed to a powder sachet, just drop it in a bottle, drop it in a glass and drink it.

DK: Mark, if people want to know more about Hydrate, I’m sure on the 32gi.com website they can order some, you can go to all the major retailers that do have 32Gi products. But if they wanted more technical information, to find out more details about it, how could they go and do so?

MW: We’ve got a whole product profile on our website under the products, and if there’s any technical questions, people can contact coach@32gi.com and ask about the products and we can give more specific answers.

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