Hydrate is brilliant for MTB riders (among others)

Hydrate is brilliant for MTB riders (among others)

Hydration is key in any sport, but when riding a bike it is imperative! Our new product, Hydrate is a fantastic addition to our range. Mountain bikers especially can benefit immensely by adding a tab to their water. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, we chat to South African sub-junior Champion, Chloe Bateson about the sport, and her nutrition.




David Katz: Chloe Bateson, thanks very much for joining us and great that we can have you on the podcast.

Chloe Bateson: Thanks for having me.

DK: Chloe, first of all, tell me why mountain biking? You’re still in school, you’re a sub-junior champion, why mountain biking? How long have you been doing it and when did you realise you had the aptitude to be pretty decent at it and where you are now, a National Champion?

CB: Well, the love of it just started with going out and riding with my dad. That was for about a year and then I decided to get serious about it and then I joined Russell White Academy. I’ve just been training with him for a few years now and it’s just gotten better and better each year.

DK: Talk to me about your dad, was mountain biking always something he did or something he took up recently? Because in South Africa over the last few years it’s maybe reached a little bit of a plateaux, but mountain biking has become massive.

CB: Yes, he used to be more on motor bikes, but he needed to get something a little bit safer. So he moved across, knowing that some of his friends were doing it and that’s where it started from.

What makes mountain biking so special

DK: Ironically, a lot of motocross riders make fantastic mountain bikers because of the skills level they’ve developed while doing that. As you said, look, mountain bikers have their odd little accidents, but it is a far safer sport. Tell us what it is about mountain biking, now that you’ve got into it and you’re enjoying it, what do you think makes it so special and sets it apart from other sports?

CB: Honestly, just having to learn all the skills and tricks behind it, the tactics and it’s not all about that. But on the other hand, it’s just travelling all over South Africa and the world and experiencing new things, meeting new people. What other sports have such big opportunities in South Africa? So just by jumping on my bike and going all over the show, it’s just opened so many windows for me.

DK: Chloe, tell me now about nutrition. We’re in a day and age where fast, instant food is all the rage, processed food. You’re a youngster, you’re wanting to take the sport quite seriously, diet and nutrition needs to come with that. Do you really feel like you’ve got the base, you’re in the right direction when it comes to what you’re consuming?

Healthy eating key – no matter your age

CB: Yes, my mom is all about eating healthy. There’s not one unhealthy thing in our pantry at home or in the fridge, mom keeps it very strict. We do have our treats every now and then because I’ve just got to live a little but I keep to a balanced diet and it’s all about eating healthy.

DK: Tell me, in your terms of your nutrition around races. You’re a young athlete, you’re still in your teens, you’re not out of school yet. Do you eat differently in and around races or stick to what you know?

CB: I stick to what I know, what I’m comfortable with. It is really hard when travelling on the roads and when you get to a race there’s not really any suitable places to just go eat quickly and it’s a good meal. So definitely have to be prepared and just have on the go, but I stick to what I know.

DK: The Russell White Academy is sponsored by 32Gi, what has worked for you in the product range? What do you find works well, not just around races, but training as well?

CB: The recovery works really well, that’s one of my favourite, the flavours are awesome. I’ve tried all the others, but it just tastes the best. The bars, sometimes I spoil myself and actually even take them to school.

The chews because those are like goo’s, but less messy.

DK: If you had advice, you are very new to the sport, but other youngsters who are wanting to get into mountain biking and need to balance it with their other commitments, their social life, their school work, how do you strike that balance?

CB: To be honest, it’s been a little tough with socialising because weekends are jam-packed with racing, but on the other hand, all my friends are mountain bikers and they race as well. So, I get to see them and it’s a win-win. The school situation that I’m in, it’s a little bit hard to study for tests and be prepared, but somehow I manage to squeeze it in, maybe on the way travelling up to a race or afterwards. But I’ve got a pretty balanced plan going out and just finding the right times to do the right things and planning ahead.

Mountain biking can open big doors

DK: Talking about planning ahead, is this something you could see yourself doing at the top level, is the Olympics a goal?

CB: Yes, even Worlds, I’m striving as high as possible. I really hope I do grow in the sport and I get to the top step one day, but it’s definitely on my Bucket List.

DK: Before we let you go, what would be that one bit of experience, maybe a story you have to tell us in terms of a race you’ve done or an event or you’ve been out training and you’ve needed that little bit of nutrition just to pull you through. We’ve all had these situation where you ‘bonk’ as they call it. But what would be that perfect thing to pull you out of one of those mental spaces or those dead zones when you’re out training or racing?

CB: One of the training experiences is quite recently, actually yesterday, we went for quite a long ride and there were some gruesome hills and when we did actually stop, I was so hungry. I just pulled out, I actually had two 32Gi bars on me and I just had that and I was fuelled and ready to go.

DK: Chloe, thank you so much for your time, we look forward to charting your career. The new product from 32Gi, Hydrate, it is worth trying, it is a fantastic thing. I think it’s going to become a very big favourite of all mountain bikers soon. But, from myself Mr Active, David Katz and Chloe Bateson, thanks for joining us on the 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast.

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