32Gi® Sports Nutrition


32Gi® was founded in South Africa in 2009 and is regarded as the #1 Endurance Sports Nutrition brand in that part of the world. Back then, when the brand launched, we did not know that we were about to ruffle a lot of feathers and disrupt a lot of people’s way of thinking AND it was quite unintentional. To tell the back story; we tested this new carbohydrate (PalatinoseTM) which was well researched and showed great benefits for endurance athletes. We tested the product with the Toyota Running Club and other elites and to our surprise our team members nailed 7 Gold Medals at the Comrades Marathon in 2010. So, besides the scientific evidence we had proving the benefits of this novel carbohydrate, we also had elite athletes that had taken gold medals and the win in what is known as The Ultimate Human Race. To perform that well in a gruelling 90km + Ultra Endurance Event, we knew we had a winner.So, where did the disruption happen you ask? Basically, it took much debate and sometimes fierce arguments amongst the leading forums’ members as to why and how a low GI Carb can out-perform or even have a place in the ultra-fast releasing carb space - such as maltodextrin and glucose - for which everyone within endurance sports had become so accustomed to.As with any disruptive technology or product, early adopters started to use the Low GI Endurance Drink (now 32Gi® Endure Sports Drink). They reported back to us and to the Endurance Community on the benefits they felt and their marked performance improvements. Slowly but surely the market perception was adopted.We continue to strive to be innovators in the Endurance Sports Nutrition space - always looking out for ways to make fuelling more effective and simpler for the athlete. The use of Cluster Dextrin® in our Super Carb/Protein - single source feed - Sports Drink, Race Pro, is a case in point.  As of today, we have many products catering to high intensity and low intensity training and racing, so that we can cater to all individual needs. 32Gi® can be found in many countries around the world and we are pleased to be able to serve our customers. We will do everything in our power to make sure we deliver on our promise to you, as we always have in the past. 


32Gi® is a leading Endurance Sports Nutrition provider. Our complete focus is providing our customers with high-quality, balanced and sustainable energy and recovery supplements with a major focus on health and performance.

Not only do we provide the highest quality sports nutrition and supplementation, but we are experts at educating and providing up to date evidence-based knowledge, to ensure you are always ahead of the game in health and performance.


At 32Gi we understand that not all athletes are created equal. What works for one athlete does not necessarily work for another and each has different requirements. An athlete’s session fuelling will depend entirely on the kind of session he or she is doing, and these are not always performance based.

Science has shown that during high intensity exercise glycogen (natural carbohydrate) stores are mainly utilised to provide energy to the muscles. However, what about at a controlled pace and intensity, where fat can be utilised as a primary energy source?

This is what makes 32Gi® different to others in the world of sports nutrition. We cater to all sorts of athletes and provide a tailored fuelling solution for their unique session needs.

We have a major focus on health and understand that an athlete has powerful natural energy stores which can be harnessed. This will help guide the way they fuel before and during an exercise session.
A fast releasing high carbohydrate intake is only required when performing at a very high intensity. However, when an athlete is performing at a controlled pace they have the ability to utilise fat stores for energy.

This can only be done properly by consuming the appropriate nutrients i.e. types and amounts of carbohydrates to support this. Science has demonstrated that a fat efficient athlete will use a larger amount of fat for energy over a range of intensities, assisting in more glycogen sparing over time. This is not just a health benefit but a performance benefit as well.

32Gi® caters not just for the elite athlete performing at a high intensity, but also for athletes who race socially and those that exercise for health, fitness and weight maintenance. 32Gi® utilises a blend of unique carbohydrates to ensure stability whether performing at low or high intensities. 32Gi®’s range is completely designed around the athlete’s unique needs while guiding them to their best fuelling strategy, and of course always with a focus on what’s best from a health perspective. 


Our products are always designed with the consumer’s health in mind. Great care is taken to ensure that all 32Gi® products are clean, simple and contain no unnecessary additives. Just a unique blend of high-quality formulation using the highest quality ingredients to ensure every product meets our consumers health and performance needs.

32Gi® products contain no unnecessary additives, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or GMO’s.

Our products are also gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan friendly and produced in the GMP/ ISO22000 facilities and are subject to random batch testing to ensure they are clean of banned substances. We formulate in line with EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) standards and conform to WADA Standards. Most of our products are kosher and halaal.