Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best product to use before a race?

Ideally its very critical to have a proper pre-race meal around 2hrs before your race. This should be a well-balanced meal consisting of stability carbohydrates, protein and good fats. A meal of around 400 Calories in size would be sufficient. As a pre-load 32Gi Endure Sports drink makes a fantastic pre-race drink due to the prolonged glucose release for a few hours. Ideally is should be consumed at least 60minutes prior to the start of the event. If you cannot consume that amount of fluid before an event you can take in a half a serving with less fluid or even make a slight concentrate. Test it in training first so that you experience it before race day.

Which 32Gi products are considered child suitable?

The 32Gi Endure range is more suited to the youth. The reason being that the carbohydrates used do not cause blood sugar spiking and provide more stability. The main carbohydrate used in the Endure Sports Drink and Sports Chews is non-cariogenic meaning it doesn’t cause tooth decay which is better on the teeth than a pure sugar based cariogenic product. The 32Gi Foodbars are cold pressed and completely natural vegan bars which provide only good food nutrients to a child. 32Gi Recover is also suited to children. All 32Gi products are free of unnecessary additives, non-nutritive sweeteners and artificial colors and flavors. All our products are Vegan friendly and GMO free.

Are 32Gi products WADA compliant?

All 32Gi products fall within a food grade category and are produced in food grade facilities. All our facilities are ISO22000 and GMP certified ensuring complete food safety and quality control. 32Gi randomly does batch testing on products in various laboratories in order to ensure food safety, label compliance and zero contamination. All ingredients used in 32Gi products are completely safe for use by professional athletes.

What is the difference between the 32Gi Endure Range and Race Range?

The main difference between the Endure and Race range is the type and volume of carbohydrates utilized within the products. The Endure range is a stability range which does not spike blood sugar excessively it released in a more stable manner to ensure a prolonged energy supply maintaining balanced energy levels during exercise. The Endure range is suited to athletes that are performing at a more controlled pace, fat efficient athletes and those that are watching their weight. The Race range contains quick releasing carbs which trigger a higher rise in blood sugar. The Race range is more suited to the athlete performing at a high intensity when glycogen sparing is needed.

How do I open the 32Gi Sports Gels?

The 32Gi Sports Gels use a unique snap packaging system. It’s a one handed snap, open and consume package. Best is to open near the mouth and quickly bite down to force the gel inwards. There is not tear off from the gel making it far more convenient to consume during motion. Click here to see a video of how the 32Gi Sports Gel works.

Is 32Gi suitable for Diabetes sufferers?

32Gi’s endure range is far more suited to a person suffering from diabetes due to the fact that it doesn’t raise blood sugar significantly. We have done testing on a large range of people who suffer from diabetes and the feedback is extremely positive. Each person can have different symptoms so always test the product properly to see what works best for you. If you are not sure then contact our

Where can I purchase 32Gi products?

Check out the 32Gi stockists list by region at here in order to find your nearest stockist. If you don’t come right please email us at

What can I use for cramping?

The main cause of cramping is generally under trained muscles which are put under excessive stress. Ensure that during training, race conditions are simulated and that an holistic approach is given to your overall training program which should include speed work, hill work, strength and endurance. Training the muscles correctly to meet the race day needs is the first step in preventing cramping. Another reason for cramping are over hydration which would mean electrolyte level dilution. We recommend managing your fluid intake and cooling from the outside rather than the inside. Best is to consume a drink with carbohydrates and minerals to ensure proper fluid absorption. It’s not possible to replace all lost fluid so don’t overdo it. Dehydration can also trigger cramping and in this case again drink to thirst and listen the messages the body is giving you. If you do over consume fluid in a hot event it would be worth taking in additional salt intake to balance the body’s fluid to sodium ratio. One product of 32Gi’s that can truly assist with delaying the onset of muscle fatigue and cramping is 32Gi TruMag. TruMag is a unique patented slow release magnesium supplement. Magnesium has been medically and scientifically proven to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, assist with sleep and recovery and improve energy levels as well as immunity. Magnesium is a supplement every athlete should take due to the mineral lacking in our diets.