Fueling Guide


The Outstanding Value We Are Offering.

Product Guide

  • Free starter pack (for coaches or club committee members to get a feel for the quality & benefit of our products ahead of time).
  • Free fuelling / hydration support for the club’s marquee team (*clubs only).
  • Periodic product support for major club events / group training sessions / camps.

Cycling Fueling Guide

  • Monthly online discount offers (limited number per month on a first come first serve basis).
  • Additional sponsorship available for coaches & elite athletes (as per the 32Gi® ambassador tiers).

Triathlon Fueling Guide

  • Access to renowned South African Nutritionist & Athlete, Mark Wolff’s Advanced Sports Nutrition Talk (covering the 4 key pillars to Athletic Success).
  • Monthly nutritional education via our website, YouTube channels & Facebook groups. 
  • Exclusive access to product trials, entry discounts to sponsored events, offers, etc. 
  • Ability to ask Mark & the team questions via coach@32gi.com. 

Marathon Nutrition Guide

  • 1. Health First 

  • 2. Daily Nutrition

  • 3. Sports Nutrition

  • 4. Recovery Strategies

Meet Mark Wolff – AKA The Fitness Freak

Mark is an Endurance & Strength Athlete, with Over 20 years Experience as a Certified Nutritionist & Endurance Physiology Expert. He is also the co-founder of 32Gi® Sports Nutrition & The Fitness Freak Lifestyle™.


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About 32Gi®

32Gi® is a leading sports supplement provider. Our total focus is to provide our customers with high-quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements while empowering them with healthier nutrition options. 32Gi® products are designed and tested by nutrition experts and athletes in a variety of sports disciplines and adhere to WADA standards. 32Gi® products are also designed to have child friendly and diabetic options. All our products are vegan-friendly.

Let's Do This

T's & C's

  • By ticking above you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the points below.
  • Talks are not sales pitches - they are education focused.
  • If people want more information about how products relate back to talks - it will be made available.
  • We will have a great offer around each talk.
  • Exclusive access to product trials, entry discounts to sponsored events, offers will come via email if they choose to opt-in.
  • Relationship will be monitored via talks interaction, sales, feedback questionnaires, & social media coverage.
  • 32Gi® will provide assistance and or provide content to assist with point 6. 
  • Additional sponsorship & ambassador requests can be emailed to david@32gi.com.
  • Availability of zoom recordings maybe impacted by issues around the saving of the recorded sessions.
  • 32Gi® reserves the right to end the relationship at anytime, but will submit in writing the reason for doing so.