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The 32Gi Endure range was specifically designed to provide a stable release to an athlete. The product does not spike blood sugars excessively. It releases in a slower and more controlled way ensuring that the user feels a sense of balance and stability during a sporting activity. The 32Gi Endure Range is completely suited to athletes that train or race at a controlled or comfortable pace. It is also a range where a weight conscious athlete would benefit far more due to the lower and slower rise in blood sugar. The range is widely used by professional athletes especially ultra-distance athletes.


32Gi Race range was designed to meet the needs of high performing athletes who require a very fast release of energy in the form of glucose while still providing balance and stability. The Race range provides the required natural combination of ingredients when the muscles need a faster uptake of glucose.


The 32Gi Recover range was created specifically to assist an athlete with the proper nutrient intake required for recovery post exercise. The key areas of focus of the 32Gi Recovery range are: Blood sugar stabilisation post exercise / Protein requirement for muscle synthesis / Energy system balance and efficiency / Encourage and helps with sleep / Assists with the prevention of fatigue.


Hydrate Tabs have been specifically designed to minimise mineral loss during exercise and increase osmolality to maximize fluid absorption.