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All You Need Power Bundle Pack

All You Need Power Bundle Pack

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ATTENTION! Athletes Seeking A Unique Advantage

32Gi® Elite Teams & Event Partners

Our Healthy, Tried & Tested Products Are Guaranteed To Hydrate You, Stop Your Cramps, Boost Your Energy & Recover Your Muscles Exactly When You Need It

The Internet Is Flooded With Quick Fixes And Unhealthy Wonder Products.
But We At 32Gi® Have Put Together A Bundle Pack For You To Try Out All Our Healthy Sports Nutrition Products At - One Ridiculous Low Price!

Just R299-95! (Value R999)

Incl. All Products + Shipping & Handling. Use Your Discount Code To Claim.


Try 8 Of Our Awesome Ranges Includes 21 Products

Act now Limited Packs Available
** Flavours may vary**

Since 2009 32Gi® Has...

  • Helped thousands of athletes achieve their endurance goals.
  • Used only the best tasting high quality ingredients. 
  • Followed WADA's International standards.
  • Crafted products in partnership with leading professionals.
  • Produced real success stories for thousands just like you.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Who our products will benefit...

  • Fitness & Endurance athletes from Beginner to Pro
  • Short & long distance athletes
  • Multi-sport & multi-day athletes
  • All endurance & adventure junkies
  • Gym / Cross-fit enthusiasts
  • Ball / Racquet sports stars
  • Water sports athletes
  • On & Off-road Motorheads

We Take A Scientific Approach To Understanding What Fuel Your Body Needs And When.

Fuelling Correctly According To Your Training Zones Will Set You Apart From The Rest. Domination Starts Here...


Valued at R144.95
** Flavours may vary

Hydrate - Fast Absorption Hypotonic Solution

  • POWER UP YOUR DRINKING WATER - With these enhanced electrolyte tablets, that are bursting with natural, zero-calorie fruity flavours.
  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT - Through improved hydration. Keep a tube in your gym bag, car, purse, hiking pack or anywhere you'll want to mix up a healthy, electrolyte drink. 
  • FORTIFIED WITH VITAMIN Bs - The Vitamin B fortification of HYDRATE is to aid vitality. Vitamin B12 assists the body in converting carbohydrates into glucose for energy as well as aiding the immune system.

Endure Sports Drink - Sustained Energy

CLEAN, PROLONGED RELEASING ENERGY - The 32Gi® Endure Sports Drink is designed primarily with a novel carbohydrate, Isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) which results in a stable and controlled release of glucose. It's low GI, mitigates energy peaks and troughs and provides a prolonged and sustained supply of energy.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE -  The managed delivery of glucose stabilizes energy levels and facilitates your body's simultaneous use of fat reserves and glucose as a fuel source. Your blood glucose levels remain stable. 

REDUCED FATIGUE - Unlike many carbohydrate & sugar-filled blends that can flood your system resulting in nausea & fatigue, Endure provides a prolonged release so you always perform at your best.

PRE-LOAD YOUR SYSTEM -  Top up your glycogen stores by drinking it 2-3 days before an event. Also, consume an hour before to provide your body with a much needed immediate and prolonged energy supply for your event.

Valued at R110.85
** Flavours may vary
Valued at R85.90
** Flavours may vary

Sports Chews - Energy Sustaining Jelly Bar

  • 2-HOURS OF STABLE LOW GI ENERGY - Energy-dense and calorie packed in each portable Chews packet helps to sustain the stable energy demands of long duration activities.
  • GELS ALTERNATIVE - Easy to eat, will not get stuck in your teeth or block your airways. 32Gi® Sports Chews are the perfect companion on the run, bike, or anywhere on the go.
  • NO MELTING = NO MESS - Can be removed from packaging before an event = convenient to access.
  • DEVELOPED AROUND THE BANANA - The banana for years has been considered a great endurance fuel (but not that convenient as you can imagine), 32Gi® Sports Chews has emulated the sugar response, and caloric values of 2 ripe small sized bananas.

Sports Gel - Quick Releasing Energy

  • FAST ACTING – 21 g of carbohydrates to use on the go. 32Gi® Sports Gels help you achieve your fuelling needs for all endurance sports!
  • PURE BROWN RICE SYRUP - High-Quality Non GMO Brown Rice Syrup, breaks down into quick releasing carbs which provide an immediate uptake, as well as stable energy release.
  • TUMMY FRIENDLY - Simple ingredients – including natural flavours and no added colours - make this gel easy to digest. 
  • JUST SNAP AND CONSUME - An innovative and completely unique patented snap pack packaging. The product is easy to carry, easy to use, and is more environmentally friendly than conventional packaging. 
Valued at R67.50
** Flavours may vary
Valued at R59.80
** Flavours may vary

G-Shot - Guarana Caffeine Shot

  • FAST ACTING CAFFEINE JOLT – We use pure Guarana to immediately deliver 60 mg of caffeine when consumed. Partially absorb in your mouth to remove the risk of digestive stress.
  • ALL SPORTS SUPERSTAR – No matter your sport of choice, the 32Gi® G-Shot will give you an added advantage. It’s time to win your age group, score the winning goal, dominate the court, and set yourself apart in your box!
  • BOOST PERFORMANCE & MENTAL FOCUS - The 32Gi® G-Shot is a great pre-workout option, especially when paired with 32Gi® Hydrate. Need some oomph to finish your event strong? In Taiwan the G-Shot has earned the nickname “take me home!” 
  • INCREASE ALERTNESS & STAMINA – Stay focused & strong, whether you are competing for 1 hour or 24! Separating your caffeine from your carbohydrate intake, will also allow you to consume what you need, when you need it! 

Race Pro - Super Carb / Protein Drink

  • SINGLE-SOURCE ENERGY FEED - Nothing else needed.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO GASTROINTESTINAL DISTRESS - Immediate energy with one of the highest gastric emptying rates of all carbohydrates.
  • FEEL IMMEDIATE ENERGY & STABILITY - The addition of Cluster DextrinTM - being the fastest absorbing carbohydrate (substantially faster than other dextrins & sugars) - allows for incredible energy within moments of consumption.
  • FINISH FEELING STRONG NOT DRAINED - 9 out of 10 athletes report feeling no lack of energy or hunger post-exercise after consuming Race Pro during exercise.
Valued at R111.80
** Flavours may vary
Valued at R111.80
** Flavours may vary

Cramp Assalt - Anti-Cramp & Electrolyte Gel

  • SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN CAPSICUM ANNUUM - Acts as a neuro-muscular trigger (which has been shown to reduce the risk of or stop muscle contractions and spasms when they occur). 
  • EASY ON THE STOMACH – Contains Glutamine to help reduce the risk associated with GI (Gastrointestinal) distress. 
  • PACKED WITH 6 POWER VITAMINS & MINERALS – 184 mg Sodium, 69 mg Potassium, 40 mg Magnesium, 28 mg Vitamin C, 20 mg Calcium, and 100 iu Vitamin D3 - per sachet.
  • MAXIMISE FLUID ABSORPTION - Stay properly hydrated. Cramp Assalt is a simple snap and consume gel, to be taken with water or your favourite 32Gi® Energy Drink.

Recover - Carb 3:1 Protein with BCAAs

  • POWERFUL 3:1 RECOVERY FORMULA - A science-based formula that will speed up your recovery time. Great for all athletes who have pushed a hard or long session - cycling, running, all endurance sports – as well as many more disciplines.  
  • CLEAN HIGH-QUALITY PLANT PROTEIN - Smooth tasting protein drink formulated with a pea protein isolate.
  • AMINO ACID RICH & NATURALLY HIGH IN BCCAs - To help with muscle protein synthesis, and overall recovery. 
  • TUMMY FRIENDLY - You can safely use 32Gi® Recover without worrying about bloating or feeling nauseous. 
Valued at R89.90
** Flavours may vary

Unlike Other Brands We Are Transparent And We Believe In Crafting Tried & Tested Products That Will Not Impact Your Health And Wellness.  
**One Per Customer (32Gi Reserves The Right Not To Fulfill Repeat Orders)*

***South Africa only**

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Karl Naundorf
Great Tester

32GI giving a great opportunity to try a range of these awesome products. I have used a number before, but really nice to give things I haven't tried a chance. A company with products that NEVER disappoint!!

Kabelo Letsoalo
Great package

Thank you 32GI. The package is all that a athlete needs.

Brad Forrest
Incredible value for money on promo deal

All this for R299 plus free delivery is unbelievable. Also great to try out a few of the products I haven't used before.

Mziwamadoda Skosana
Great value for money

This package is great, gives one a chance to know the products. So far, the experience on the endurance products have been great. I am looking forward to a good Comrades Marathon

Noxolo Ntliziywana
Power bundle

Very much happy with the products and I will definately buy more. I feel more energetic than before and always looking forward for the next workout session. I really appreciate the information given on these daily emails. It gave me more insight on how to prepare for the race.