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All You Need Power Bundle Pack

All You Need Power Bundle Pack

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ATTENTION! Athletes Seeking A Unique Advantage

32Gi® Elite Teams & Event Partners

Our Healthy, Tried & Tested Products Are Guaranteed To Hydrate You, Stop Your Cramps, Boost Your Energy & Recover Your Muscles Exactly When You Need It

The Internet Is Flooded With Quick Fixes And Unhealthy Wonder Products.
But We At 32Gi® Have Put Together A Bundle Pack For You To Try Out All Our Healthy Sports Nutrition Products At - One Ridiculous Low Price!

Just R299-95! (Value R1082.90)

Incl. All Products + Shipping & Handling.

Try 11 of Our Awesome Range (Includes 19 items)

Act now Limited Packs Available
** Flavours may vary**

Since 2009 32Gi® Has...

  • Helped thousands of athletes achieve their endurance goals.
  • Used only the best tasting high quality ingredients. 
  • Followed WADA's International standards.
  • Crafted products in partnership with leading professionals.
  • Produced real success stories for thousands just like you.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Who our products will benefit...

  • Fitness & Endurance athletes from Beginner to Pro
  • Short & long distance athletes
  • Multi-sport & multi-day athletes
  • All endurance & adventure junkies
  • Gym / Cross-fit enthusiasts
  • Ball / Racquet sports stars
  • Water sports athletes
  • On & Off-road Motorheads

We Take A Scientific Approach To Understanding What Fuel Your Body Needs And When.

Fuelling Correctly According To Your Training Zones Will Set You Apart From The Rest. Domination Starts Here...


Valued at R34.95

32Gi Pre-Race Meal – Energy Porridge

  • POWER & PERFORMANCE DRIVEN - Formulated with multiple high quality complex and simple carbohydrates to maximize energy levels.
  • RIGHT AMOUNT OF PROTEIN - With just enough added to ensure energy stability and aid in delaying
    the onset of muscle fatigue.
  • SUPER EASY ON THE TUMMY - Low in fibre and fat to ensure digestive comfort.
Valued at R186.95

Hydrate - Fast Absorption Hypotonic Solution

  • INSTANT HYDRATION WITH ZERO CALORIES - Recharge your body with a zero-calorie
    electrolyte-rich sports drink tablet, infused with a delightful fruity flavour.
    Simply mix with water for a refreshing and hydrating beverage during your workout.
  • OPTIMISE YOUR WORKOUT - Enhance your exercise routine with improved hydration by keeping a tube of Hydrate in your gym bag, car, purse, or hiking pack. Enjoy a healthy electrolyte drink wherever you go.
  • VITAMIN B BOOST - Hydrate is fortified with essential Vitamin Bs, including Vitamin B12, to support vitality. Vitamin B12 aids in converting carbohydrates into energy and supports a healthy immune system.
  • SODIUM, MINERAL & VITAMIN COMPLEX BLEND - To maximize fluid absorption to keep you hydrated
    properly during intense exercise.
Valued at R131.85

Endure Sports Drink - Sustained Energy

  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - The managed delivery of glucose enhances energy stability and promotes the utilization of fat reserves, while maintaining stable blood glucose levels.
  • REDUCE FATIGUE - Unlike carb-heavy drinks that can lead to nausea and fatigue, 32Gi Endure offers a stable and prolonged release of energy, allowing you to perform at your best.
  • PRE-LOAD YOUR SYSTEM - Boost your glycogen stores by consuming Endure 2-3 days before an event. Additionally, drink it one hour before starting to ensure your energy levels are optimal.

Valued at R53.95

Sports Chews - Energy Sustaining Jelly Bar

  • 2-HOURS OF STABLE LOW GI ENERGY - Each packet of 32Gi Sports Chews is packed with energy-dense
    calories, providing sustained and stable energy for long-duration activities.
  • REPLACE YOUR GELS - These easy-to-eat chews won't get stuck in your teeth or block your airways,
    making them a convenient alternative to traditional gels. They are the perfect companion for your runs, bike rides, or any active pursuits.
  • NO MELTING = NO MESS - Unlike some energy products, 32Gi Sports Chews won't melt, ensuring a
    mess-free experience. You can even remove them from the packaging before your event for easy access and convenience.
  • DEVELOPED AROUND THE BANANA - The banana has long been recognized as a great source of endurance fuel, but it's not always convenient to carry around during exercise. 32Gi Sports Chews have replicated the sugar response and caloric values of two ripe small-sized bananas, providing you with the same benefits in a portable and practical form.
Valued at R83.85

Sports Gel - Quick Releasing Energy

  • FAST ACTING - Each Gel contains 21 g of fast-acting carbohydrates, providing a quick and
    convenient source of energy to fuel your endurance sports activities such as cycling, running, and more.
  • PURE BROWN RICE SYRUP - These gels are made with high-quality, non-GMO brown rice syrup, ensuring a smooth and sustained release of energy from start to finish.
  • TUMMY FRIENDLY - With simple ingredients, and no added colours, 32Gi Sports Gels are designed to
    be easy on the stomach, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • JUST SNAP AND CONSUME - The innovative and unique patented packaging of these gels allows for easy carrying and one handed consumption. Simply snap open the pack and consume the gel whenever you need a quick energy boost. Moreover, the packaging is more environmentally friendly compared to others due to no tear off.

Valued at R65.95

Race Pro - Super Carb / Protein Drink

  • UNIQUE ENERGY SOURCE - Experience the power of a single-source energy feed, with no additional fuel needed.
  • INTEGRATED PROTEIN SOURCE - Benefit from the inclusion of easily absorbed, high-quality plant protein. Promoting energy stability and reducing the risk of muscle fatigue during intense workouts.
  • TUMMY-FRIENDLY FORMULA - Bid farewell to gastrointestinal distress as this drink offers one of the highest gastric emptying rates among carbohydrates.
  • INSTANT ENERGY & STABILITY - Fuel up quickly with the addition of Cyclic Dextrin, the most rapid absorbing carbohydrate compared to other available complex and simple carbohydrates, providing immediate energy and enhanced stability.
  • FINISH STRONG, NOT DRAINED - Benefit from a post-exercise boost as 9 out of 10 athletes report
    feeling no lack of energy or hunger. A feeling of stability post-exercise due to consuming Race Pro during exercise.

Valued at R89.95

Race Pro 300 Gel – Super Carb / Protein

  • UNIQUE ENERGY SOURCE - Experience the power of single-source energy with no additional fuel needed.
  • ENHANCED CARBOHYDRATE ABSORPTION - The Race Pro 300 Gel features a high-quality carbohydrate blend with the addition of Cyclic Dextrin, ensuring rapid absorption and delivering an incredible energy boost almost instantly.
  • INTEGRATED PROTEIN SOURCE - Benefit from the inclusion of easily absorbed, high-quality protein in the gel, promoting energy stability and reducing the risk of muscle fatigue during intense workouts.
  • GENTLE ON THE STOMACH - Designed with digestive comfort in mind, this gel minimizes the chances of gastric distress, allowing you to focus on your performance without any discomfort.
  • IDEAL FOR ENDURANCE EVENTS - The Race Pro 300 Gel is perfectly sized for long endurance events like ultra-marathons, long course triathlons, and stage racing. It’s resealable packaging makes it convenient and practical for these demanding activities.

Valued at R37.90

Race Pro Energy Bar – Boutique Nougat

  • LONG-LASTING ENERGY - Enjoy immediate and sustained energy with our Race Pro Energy Bars.
    Made with natural ingredients, these bars provide stability for hours on end. They are packed with the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your performance.
  • INTEGRATED PROTEIN SOURCE - Benefit from easily absorbed, high-quality protein in every bite. This
    protein helps maintain energy stability and reduces the risk of muscle fatigue during intense physical activities.
  • GENTLE ON THE STOMACH - Our Race Pro Nougat Energy Bars are designed with digestive comfort in
    mind. They are formulated to minimize gastric distress, allowing you to fuel up without any discomfort.
  • OPTIMAL SIZE - These bars are perfectly sized for easy handling. Whether you're reaching for them from a backpack during a run or pulling them out of a jersey pocket on a ride, they are convenient and readily accessible for your endurance activities.
Valued at R61.90

Cramp Assalt - Anti-Cramp & Electrolyte Gel

  • EFFECTIVE NEURO-MUSCULAR SUPPORT - Powered by scientifically-proven Capsicum Annuum, this gel acts as a neuro-muscular trigger to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms.
  • GENTLE ON THE STOMACH - With the inclusion of Glutamine, Cramp Assalt is formulated to be easy
    on the stomach, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal distress.
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS - Packed with 6 power vitamins and minerals, including Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin D3, to support optimal performance.
  • ENHANCED FLUID ABSORPTION - Maximise your hydration by consuming Cramp Assalt with water or
    your favourite 32Gi Sports Drink. It's a convenient snap and consume gel for on-the-go use.
Valued at R37.90

G-Shot - Guarana Caffeine Shot

  • INSTANT CAFFEINE BOOST - Experience a fast-acting jolt of caffeine with our pure Guarana-based G-Shot. Each shot delivers 60 mg of caffeine upon consumption, providing an immediate energy surge.
  • VERSATILE SPORTS PERFORMANCE - Regardless of your chosen sport, the 32Gi G-Shot is designed to give you an added advantage. Whether you're aiming to win your age group, score the winning goal, dominate the court, or excel in your training, this shot is your secret weapon.
  • COMBAT FATIGUE - Incorporate the 32Gi G-Shot as a pre-workout option, particularly when combined
    with 32Gi Hydrate. Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue and gain the energy needed to finish your event strong. In some parts of the world, it has earned the nickname "take me home" due to its ability to provide that final boost.
  • ENHANCE ALERTNESS AND STAMINA - Maintain focus and strength throughout your performance, whether it lasts for one hour or extends to a full 24 hours. By separating your caffeine intake from your carbohydrate consumption, you have the flexibility to consume the right amount of each when you need it most.
Valued at R107.90

Recover - 3:1 Carb to Protein

  • OPTIMAL RECOVERY FORMULA - Experience the power of a 3:1 recovery ratio with our science-based
    formula, designed to accelerate your recovery time. Suitable for endurance sports activities like cycling and running and triathlon.
  • CLEAN PLANT-BASED PROTEIN - Our formula contains high-quality Pea Protein isolate, delivering a fast-digesting protein source to support muscle recovery.
  • CARB 3:1 PROTEIN BLEND - Packed with essential carb 3:1 protein blend, our formula aids in muscle
    protein synthesis and overall recovery.
  • GENTLE ON THE STOMACH - Enjoy the benefits of 32Gi Recover without concerns of bloating or nausea. It is designed to be tummy-friendly for a comfortable recovery experience.

Unlike Other Brands We Are Transparent And We Believe In Crafting Tried & Tested Products That Will Not Impact Your Health And Wellness.  
**One Per Customer (32Gi Reserves The Right Not To Fulfill Repeat Orders)*

***South Africa only**

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Tebogo Ranaka
Best sport nutrition for every athlete

On a more interesting note.
Ran CM as novice and finished it, very thrilled about that.
The Power Pack came in extremely helpful in that gruesome experience of the Comrades.
I have to mention my body took it well and completed the race.
The pre race meal, the gels and the g shots were wonderful and did not affect my digestive system at all. I kept going stronger and stronger considering I didn’t have much time leading to the race.
I had no cramps so much that I helped a few runners with some that I had.
Thanks to you and your team for making my first comrades a memorable one.
I will be running a few marathons for the rest of the year including qualifiers for both Two Oceans and Comrades 2025 and you can be sure that 32gi will be my nutrition partner all the way.

Once again thank you and looking forward to a long healthy running relationship with you.


Tebogo Ranaka

Steven Rootman
Very impressed

I purchased the power bundle and Wow I was amazed ,I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good sports nutrition, you get to test most of the products so that you can learn what you can comfortably carry and use,what a awesome little box 😁

Jenice Ramogale
The pack is perfect and the price is wonderful

We love the product It really help us slot . We love 32 Go product. We also used at the product 32 Hi at the comrade. And the price is wonderful. It is a good packaging.

Pieter Opperman

Good packaging, well presented, tried one or to just to taste , this weekend we are doing an endurance ride , products will be tested then.

Great Value for money

I normally buy my nutrition before a big event, however when specials like these come along it’s the best money spent. Great value for money. And great products. Not forgetting the staff that a super friendly always.