Master the Comrades Marathon (+- 90km) with these unbeatable tips

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"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does." - Nelson Mandela. The saying is especially true when it comes to the Comrades Marathon.

32Gi launched at Comrades in 2010, with a revolutionary sustained-releasing Sports Drink. To this day we continue to innovate, and have become one of the leading brands in the endurance space.  

Comrades remains close to our hearts. The Ultimate Human Race has a story to be learnt from every athlete. From the gold medallists, right down to the runners who narrowly beat the 12-hour gun.

On the back of the 2023 edition, Mark Wolff hosted a group of these athletes.

Mark, has a vast amount of Comrades experience. With his extensive knowledge of endurance nutrition, and as a coach. He has done his fair share of pre-event guidance, and on route seconding.

Joining him on the couch was, Martin Ngwenya, team manager for Mr Price Sport, and the Maxed Elite team.

Joining him was Teboho Sello, who is based in Lesotho. Sello, finish 7th, for his 4th Comrades Marathon gold medal.

40+ and still going strong

Renier Grobler, of Murray & Roberts Running Club. He broke the magical 6-hour mark, running a 5:50:06.

Also breaking 6-hours, was club-mate Wandisile Nongodlwana. Wandi, who is also an ASICS Frontrunner athlete, shattered his PB by 25-minutes.

In a testament to his development, with a strong focus on nutrition. Wandi's first Wally Hayward medal, saw him run almost 4-hours faster, than his 2008 debut.  

The crew were also joined by Nomvuzo Zongo. Vuvu, has two Bill Rowan medals (sub 9-hours) to her name. She was making her first appearance since 2019, and having become a mother.

Don't miss this informative open discussion. Hear general race experiences, endurance lifestyles, training and nutrition tips, among other things. We learned a lot from each other, and you will too.

Two new 32Gi products featured in 2023 to massive success

Fuelling for the Comrades Marathon is a massive endeavour. While there are some great tips in this chat, especially around seconding, fuelling starts months in advance.

Mark Wolff has a great video series that takes you through all the important nutritional steps. Learn how to master your nutrition (and Comrades) by clicking here.

The 32Gi Team brought two new products online before Comrades 2023. This included the game-changing Race Pro 300 Calorie - Super Carb/Protein Energy Gel.

Both Vuvu and Wandi were early adopters of the new gel.

"Without a doubt the Race Pro Gel revolutionized my fuelling. To easily get 300 calories in while running was power. It went a long way to helping me smash my PB, and the 6-hour mark!" Wandisile Nongodlwana

"They are very convenient, especially for Comrades. It simplfied my fuelling, and kept me feeling strong throughout! Well done guys." Nomvuzo Zongo.

32Gi’s Race Pro 300 Gel is designed to provide a tasty high-calorie feed. It’s a superior gel, utilizing a quality carbohydrate blend, and protein.

A single Race Pro 300 Gel sachet provides equivalent energy to three conventional gels, improving your training and racing efficiency without sacrificing sustained energy performance.

It was launched alongside the Race Pro Energy Bar, which is nutritionally engineered to provide sustainable energy, with a terrifically tasty boutique nougat taste.

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